GPI PRO/XCS Sled shown with Arri Mini and Boxx Meridian HD Tx

Certificate of Insurance is required for any and all bookings. Must be received on a non holiday weekday in order to be verified.

List of Standard Equipment
GPI/PRO Cine Live HD Sled w/XCS 2″Post and gimbal
GPI/PRO Atlas & Titan arm
Walter Klassen Dual mount vest.

Transvideo HD6 Daylight monitor on Quattro bracket
Betz Wave Horizon stabilizer
2 channel focus/iris system- Iris control can be handed seperately to DP or DIT for Iris control.
Full set of power, signal and control cables for every professional camera used today w/duplicates.
8 Anton Bauer Titon90 batteries with 2700 series, Digi and LP4 quad chargers.
Anton Bauer to V mount adapters and vice versa
Klassen Camera Car Vehicle Hard Mount

*All equipment is in ready to fly ATA approved cases.

Additional equipment below is available as a separate rental with advanced notice.

Additional Anton Bauer HCX, Dig90 or 150 batts. ( 100+ wh Batts cannot travel by plane. TSA 2020)

Eartec Wireless Headsets set of 5 with extra batts.

Complete remote head RONIN2  gimbal system with most every Cinemilled R2 accessory offered, Mitchell Mount, Extra Batts, Pro Ring, etc..

Ready Rig gimbal vest with Vega upgrade and Pro Arms

Alpha Wheels with Alpha Link.XR wireless signal Tx/Rx

DJI Force Pro wireless intuitive interface.

The R2 on Mitchell adapter on the set of A24’s “Waves”

Arri LMB-5 Clip on MB

7″ & 9″ Prompter monitors for above lens mounting with mounting bracket and power/video cables.
Marshall HD 7″ Directors monitor
Panasonic HD 17″ broadcast monitor
3 Complete Boxx Meridian HD Transmitter / Receiver Systems w/ broadcast high gain receiver antennas with 2018 upgrades

Transvideo Titan standard definition transmitter and receiver with power cables for Film and SD video jobs

Paralinx Arrow HD transmitter with Crossbow SDI box for the transmitter and Atomos HDMI to SDI converter for the receiver if needed.

Boxx Cobalt SD hi gain video transmitter and receiver. ( for SD tap on Film cameras)

2-Kino Flo Kamio ringlight kits, one single for wide angle lenses and one with 2 filter stages for standard and longer lenses.

Litegear Reality V2 LED kit.