List of Standard Equipment
GPI/PRO Cine Live HD Sled w/XCS 2″Post and gimbal
GPI/PRO Atlas & Titan arm
Walter Klassen Dual mount vest.                                                                                                                                                        Transvideo HD6 Daylight monitor on Quattro bracket
2 channel focus/iris system- Iris control can be handed seperately to DP or DIT for Iris control.
Full set of power, signal and control cables for every professional camera used today w/duplicates.
Anton Bauer Lithium batteries and both 2700 series and TM4 quad chargers.
Anton Bauer to V mount adapters
Klassen Camera Car Vehicle Hard Mount
American Grip Steadicam Stand w/Hill docking bracket,accessory tray and front box mount.
*All equipment is in ready to fly ATA approved cases.
Additional equipment always available A’la Carte

7″ & 9″ Prompter monitors for above lens mounting with Noga Arm and mounting bracket and power/video cables.
Atomos Samurai Blade w/500GB SSD
Marshall HD 7″ Directors monitor
Panasonic HD 17″ broadcast monitor
3 Complete Boxx Meridian HD Transmitter / Receiver Systems with broadcast high gain receiver antennas
Transvideo Titan standard definition transmitter and receiver with power cables
1 Paralinx Arrow HD transmitter with Crossbow SDI box for the transmitter and Atomos HDMI to SDI converter for the receiver if needed.                                                                                                                                                                                          Boxx Cobalt SD hi gain video transmitter.
11 – 1×1 bicolor panel lights, 10 high power, 1 standard
2-Kino Flo Kamio ringlight kits, one single for wide angle lenses and one with 2 filter stages for standard and longer lenses.